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Aptoide Apk Download – Install Aptoide App on Android

Download Aptoide App Apk

Aptoide Apk download is a must on your Android device if you require a range of useful apps. Aptoide apk is an app store unlike any. Launched in 2009, Aptoide app provides an alternative to the Google play store as it allows developers to establish and take charge of their own Android store while also making management convenient for the end user. For the last 8 years, Aptoide download has increased with each day because of how efficient and trouble-free it is to have the application.

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Why You Must Download & Install Aptoide Apk?

  • DEVELOPER OrientedAptoide apk is an application that lets the developer take charge of his own android market; he can create one and manage it by making the necessary tweaks.
  • USER OrientedAptoide App does not just cater to the needs of developers, integrators, etc. It serves the interests of the end users as well. The application allows the users to manage updates, downloads and provides you access to all the available stores.
  • FREE apps – All apps available on Aptoide apk are free apps
  • SHARE with friends – Since all applications are free, the Aptoide app allows you to share your apps with your friends and family, multiplying the fun!
  • SAFEDownloading Aptoide is safe as the company works with a range of systems to detect malware threat. As Paulo Trezentos (Aptoide co-founder) has said, their company runs 3 different anti-viruses and have an in-house system to detect recurring threats.

Features of Aptoide App Store

The following features of Aptoide are what makes it better than Google PlayStore. The below features offered by the Aptoide app are not provided by Google PlayStore.

  • ROLLBACK – The application allows its users to rollback to previous versions of an application in case you do not like the update, so you do not face incompatibility issues.
  • SCHEDULED DOWNLOADS – You can choose to fix a date and time for when you wish to download a specific app, as per your convenience. You can even go to settings and change download rules to Wi-Fi
  • EXCLUDED UPDATES – This feature of the Aptoide App lets you stop your apps from updating if they might not work on your device. To exclude an update, just go to the updates tab and long press on an app to prevent it from updating.
  • FILTER APPLICATIONS – If you download Aptoide apk, this unique feature does not show you applications that are incompatible with your device. However, if you still wish to download an app which is not compatible with your device, you can go to settings and uncheck the ‘Filter Applications’ option.
  • APPS TIMELINE – this unique feature is like social media history for your applications download. The App timeline allows you and your friends to see the applications downloaded by each other. The Timeline also suggests fantastic apps for you.
  • MULTIPLE STORES – The Aptoide app store consists of many stores managed by several developers so you can choose the stores you like to download your favorite apps from your favorite developer.
  • COMMUNITY – There is a forum available on the app named ‘COMMUNITY’ in which users can engage in active discussions about apps developments, new facilities, merits, and demerits.
  • TRUSTED APPS – Most apps in Aptoide App have the ‘Trust Badge’. This means that apps which have the trust batch have been tested by the company’s anti-malware platform, i.e., Aptoide Sentinel

How to Download & Install Aptoide App?

In Android people usually download apps from the Google PlayStore, but we have come up with an alternative that is far better. It is the Aptoide App! To help you experience a world of new and better application management below are the instructions on how to install it.

  1. First Download Aptoide app apk from the by clicking here.
  2. After downloading the file, open the file.
  3. Now make sure that you have enabled Unknown Sources. Otherwise, it will ask you to enable unknown sources.

Note: If you have not enabled Unknown Sources then go to SettingsSecurityTick on Unknown SourcesNow Click on okay Button to activate it.

How to Properly Use the Aptoide App

When you open the Aptoide app, On top right is the search icon and on the left is the Menu bar which has options such as –

  • My accounts – to manage your account details such as name, profile picture, etc
  • Rollback – to downgrade from an update.
  • Scheduled Update – to time your downloads.
  • Excluded Updates – to exclude an app from updating.
  • Settings – to customize your experience such as using auto update, a pin for adult content, etc.
  • Backup Apps – To back up your apps on Aptoide Backup Apps.

Below the logo, on the main screen there is an option which you can select by scrolling from right to left. These options are –

  • Home – On the Home screen you can find a variety of apps in different categories such as the Editor’s choice, Highlighted Apps, Trending Apps, Local Top Apps, Top Stores, Reviews, Featured Stores, etc.
  • Apps Timeline – Here you can track the apps your friends have downloaded and vice versa!
  • Stores – The scores of stores let you choose which developer’s store you would like to download apps from.
  • Updates – This section allows you to track the apps which need to be updated. If you do not wish to update them, long press on the app and select ‘yes’ when asked ‘Ignore
  • Downloads – The downloads tab shows you the apps you have downloaded and on-going downloads.
  • Community – Here you can get in discussions about various apps


The Aptoide Apk app is a store where you can customize your updates and supervise over your applications like no other platform lets you. We can say without hesitating that you can download Aptoide for a safe and simple experience at downloading and managing your applications and updates. So go ahead and install the Aptoide App!

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