How to Choose Mind Mapping Tools for Mac?


Mind mapping – is a visual method for expression of your concepts and thoughts. It is a kind of diagram, which connects information around a central topic. The basic idea is that you start with a central idea and build the “nodes” (branches) around it. The mind map is ideal for businesses: it will help you to organise your opinion quickly.

This tool is very flexible and can be used in many ways: brainstorming, writing, task management, book summaries, and much more. There are various mapping apps, and today we will help you to choose the best mind mapping tool for your Mac. After a thorough analysis, we have selected 7 best apps that will help you in your work and leisure.

Top 7 Mind Mapping Apps for MacBook

1. iThoughtsX

iThoughts (mindmapper for Mac)is based upon and compatible with iThoughts on iPad and iPhone. Craig Scott provides it under an entrepreneur named ToketaWare in the UK. For sure, it is one of the most comfortable mind mapping Mac application. iThoughtsX is a sophisticated way to organise your ideas. It has users from almost all fields including business, education, and government, who are into idea generation, presentation making, brainstorming, task and management. The software has a wide range of advantages.

Pros of iThoughtsX

  • It is an easy-to-use application, which gives you professional results
  • The software has solarised color scheme
  • Ability to sync with Apple mobile devices
  • Password for protecting your mind maps

Cons of iThoughtsX

  • The user interface is not that polished
  • Hard navigation for some functions
  • Fewer functions can be found easily in the ribbon that is difficult to find

The software is not free, you should buy a license to use this tool, but it provides a powerful function that is worth it.

2. FreeMind

FreeMind is a premier mind-mapping app written in Java for cross-platform portability. It is a fantastic brainstorming tool, which is not only free but also open source. It will quickly take your thoughts in order and prioritise your ideas. The recent development has hopefully turned it into a high-productivity software.

Pros of FreeMind

  • The software is free without any fees for license
  • The fast navigation and operation (you can “fold/unfold” and “follow the link” in one click)
  • Export of maps to HTML
  • Smart copying and pasting
  • Simple user interface
  • Maps can be published on a website

Cons of FreeMind

  • Lack of emoticon material
  • No theme and layout plan
  • No easy change to the format
  • It does not allow to import graphics

So, this software is for users who do not pay much attention to the map design. But it is simple to write and organise your ideas.

3. WiseMapping

WiseMapping is a Java-based tool, which can be used for individual purposes and business. This fast and simple to use software will help you to visualise your idea in the form of a mind map. A group of fans created it and it became the best free online app in the field of mind mapping.

Pros of WiseMapping

  • Totally free software
  • The app has mind map viewer
  • Maps are shown in different categories

Cons of WiseMapping

  • The functions are limited
  • The slow update
  • The software depends on internet connection and speed

WiseMapping should not be used for the exquisite mind map, but it is somewhat suitable for people who search free and easy to use online tool.

4. Mindjet

Mindjet goes beyond just being a standalone application. It contains a wide range of applications within itself so that you can include your team members into your brainstorming efforts.

  • It enables teams to brainstorm and generate productive results
  • It allows your team members to collaborate on projects or tasks
  • You are going to ensure an organised team

The mind mapping tool allows you to assign tasks to different team members. The tool can highlight the to-dos at each individual level so that the project is taken to success within the required time period. You can use it even if you have more than a hundred members in the team or if you want to use it for yourself. This tool can also be integrated with programs you are already using.

5. XMind

XMind is a unique mapping software because it has themes. Some of the key features of this powerful Mac tool are as follows:

  • Create mind maps
  • Attach notes, images, and links
  • Share the output as PDF
  • Select templates or have your own designed from scratch
  • The software allows integration with Evernote, so that you can share mind maps on this note-taking app

The theme can be changed as and when required. A free version allows you to create mind maps, but the paid version offers advanced features.

6. SimpleMind

SimpleMind is designed to ease of use. The Mac app also supports cloud sync. The user interface is colorful and beautiful. There are a few set of themes so that your mind maps can be customized. As its name suggests, this mind mapping app does away with any advanced features. It allows instant sync so that your task can be transferred between your Mac and iOS device.

The free version contains many powerful features. The paid version offers cloud sync support.

7. Coggle

Coggle is a free Mac app for mind mapping. All you will need is a Google account to get started. It has a simple user interface that is easy for anyone to use.

Adding new ‘branches’ to a map requires double-clicking on an item and clicking plus sign on any side. The app assigns different colors to each new branch. It is also possible to customize a branch. The application allows you to save your map as a PNG or PDF file for sharing with others. The software also has revision history and auto-saving features.

So, I hope my review will help you to choose your best mapping tool and it will become a stepping stone for you to explore your minds and create new ideas for your business.


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