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BHIM App is said to be a Bharat Interface for Money which is mainly used as an initiative to enable secure, fast and the consistent cashless payments through Smartphone devices. It is known as an interworking process with bank accounts and the unified payment interface applications. It is mainly created by the NPCI which is known as the National Payment Corporation of India. It is caring and developed in India to do a service for the people. This amazing application is mainly working for the transaction of the amount from one account to the other account. It is very much useful for the transaction for all the people who are all struggling to get the amount from their account.

The Demonization has hit hardly the chord with lots of twists and turns. Those who are looking for taking the money from their account will follow the queue in front of the ATM for long hours of standing. For those people who are all looking for them to sort and get their money back with an easy assessment. It is the right platform to stand up and taste the service with many useful things among the Indian citizens. The platform has introduced the app called BHIM Apk which is the serving as the main app to step ahead of other apps. By using this application, people can easily be transacting the money to the other account. The application is playing a vital role among the all Indian citizens.

Features of BHIM UPI App

Some of the main features that people should be aware of the application are

  • People can check the bank balance of their account which is unlimited that you can check out at any time.
  • This amazing application is mainly working even without the internet on your mobile phone.
  • By using this application, people can transfer the amount to another person only using his phone number. After that, you don’t need any bank account number or virtual payment number. Users can transfer the money in a simple manner.
  • Instead of using the PIN number people can also transfer the money by using Fingerprints.
  • It also has the option called Scan and pays and it is very much useful during the time of purchasing in shops etc. It makes very much easy for the transaction. There you can also change the language according to the states which differ from many languages.
  • It is very much easy to call the respective bank if you are struggling with facing the issues during the time of the transaction.

These are all the main features where people should be aware of all the time. It will be very useful for all the people who want to know more details about the BHIM App download. It is very useful to know the more information about the app and helps to jump into download and install the entire app. To know more about the application people can follow the official website of the BHIM and follow the instruction before getting to download the app. It is very useful in all aspects for all the Indian citizens who are all struggling to get the amount at the right time.

BHIM App Apk for Android

People who are all looking for an amazing application can follow the BHIM app for Android which mainly helps to transfer the amount from your number to another account. It will be very much useful for all the people who are struggling to take money and transfer can follow this application. It is the main app that works in all the Smartphone devices.

Those who want the application to work on Android platform can follow the procedures shared here. It is very much easy to download the application in all the Smartphone devices. It is a simple user interface. By registering your bank account number in BHIM and set a UPI PIN for the bank account from your phone. Here the application mentioning that the user’s mobile number is the Payment address which is the help to start transacting the amount and makes the transaction very simple.

People can send the money or to receive the money from friends, customers and family by using their mobile number or payment address. You can also send money to non-UPI supported banks as well. You can transact the money from 10,000 to 20,000 within 24 hours. Thus the supporting languages are English and Hindi and more other languages are yet to come.

People can download the application from the Google PlayStore for the platform of Android devices. It is mainly available for the Android users those who want for a struggle free transaction can download this application without any hesitation.

First of all, open the Google PlayStore and then search for BHIM app which is available mainly for the Android devices. After the application found to download, please try to click the install button. Please make sure that you have the memory space to save the app before entering into the downloading process. Once the install button is clicked then, please wait for the process to complete. In the end, BHIM Apk download will be installed after a few minutes of clicking installation.

Process After Installing BHIM Apk

After the completion of the install, it will ask you to set the language like Hindi or English to use the application. After setting the language, please click on the Next button. Then you have to click on Let’s Get Started Tab. Finally, check out the Mobile number which is mainly registered in the bank accounts. One should know that the bank account is registered with your mobile number. Then automatically it will verify your number. There you will find the 4 number passwords as OTP number will be received via Text SMS to your number. Then reenter the password for confirmation. After that user sees the list of banks of India, there you can select the respective bank for transaction. Then select the bank account which you want to transfer. After the selection that you need to enter the last six digits of ATM card/ Debit card numbers. After registering the BHIM app on your mobile finally, it’s ready to send or receive the money using this great app in Android devices.

BHIM UPI App for iPhone/ Mac

Those who are all waiting for the BHIM app for iOS platform can follow the official website of the BHIM. Already it was made for the Android users and build to support all the Android devices. But for the iOS users who are all waiting for the app should wait for few more days for the arrival on iOS platform. It is the best app to use for the money transaction and receives from the registered phone number. If it is available in iOS platform, then the process regarding the BHIM app will be the same in all aspects as expected.

BHIM App Download for Windows PC

BHIM App is an amazing application to download by all the users at anytime from anywhere. All you must need is the internet facility to follow and follow the process. It is a great app which mainly helps to transfer the money or receive the money using the bank account numbers. This app is launching by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi.   It is mainly developed for the people who are struggling to get money for a long time after the announcement of banning on 500rs and 1000rs notes. From the date of announcement, people are finding very much hard to get money after standing in the long queue.

For those people who are looking for the money for the quick transaction can know the details first about the BHIM app. It is available now on all the Android devices by great support. This application consumes few memory spaces to download and installs on Android devices. It is very much useful in the critical condition where now the people facing the issue after the demonetization effect.

It is the great application at this crucial stage. As expected the application had taken the rage over Android platforms. But those who are all not using the Android devices will wait for the other devices to arrival. Fortunately for those people here we are providing the best solution for the people who are worrying without Android devices. It is very simple that you can also follow the BHIM app for PC. All must you need the internet to follow the process.

First of all please make sure that the memory space is available on the PC or not. After the confirmation, please try to download the Android emulator called the BlueStacks. BlueStacks is playing the vital role for all the PC users who are all looking for the Android applications. Those who are all waiting to download and install the applications on PC can follow to download the Android Emulator BlueStacks without any hesitation. It will be working with 100% satisfaction for the users. Before the app, BHIM is bringing to the computer you must follow the instructions first. BlueStacks will provide you to feel more comfortable on the computer. It will support the Windows 8.1, Window 8 and Windows 7.

Those users who are all asking for BlueStacks file to download can follow the link download BlueStacks. This Android emulator needs the little size of memory during the time of downloading on the PC. First of all, people should be aware of that whether PC has a free space or not. Later you have to download and install the BlueStacks on your PC. Those who are all waiting for a long time to use the applications on the computer can follow the BlueStacks. After downloading and installed the app finally, it’s ready to use at anytime from anywhere.

BHIM App is the best application which is highly encouraged by all the users. Now the BlueStacks is finally helping to get the applications to use on PC by the users. You can search for the application on the BlueStacks to use on the search box. After finding the BHIM application, you can download the app from BlueStacks and install based on the process. Finally, you can find your BHIM app for working, and yes it is ready to use by the users.

How to Use BHIM UPI App?

We have noticed all the procedure from the top to bottom which seems to be very useful application use among all the users. People are very much worried to face the Demonetization. To sort out this problem, we are sharing here the steps to follow by every fellow Indians that who are facing the issue often on getting the money and to transfer. For those people who are having the BHIM app can start to use in a simple manner.

There are the two methods available to be followed by the people. Thus the first method is payment address or the phone number of the recipient. Please make sure that recipient is registers with UPI or not. Then the second method is you can send the bank IFSC code, recipient number, and bank account number.

Then you can also request the money from the senders using the above methods. First one is to entering the payment address or the mobile number. Then the second one is that you can generate a QR code for specific money to transfer. This application mainly allows all the users to generate the QR code which is mainly scanned by the other users to make a payment.

This amazing app is mainly support to all the main banks which is situated across the nation. This app is mainly said to be the digital application. Those who are all having the bank accounts can easily know the suitable respective bank to transfer or receiving the amount by using registered mobile number using the official website.

People who are all using the BHIM app are very much satisfied with the application on transacting the money to required friends and families. It is the main application which is raving across the nation by the users, and those who are all waiting for the app to arrive on iOS will see the application very soon with multiple features for the iOS users like Android platform.



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