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If you are a movie buff or a stickler for television shows, either way, Cartoon HD Apk is the app you must download. Unlike all other apps which are available in the Play store, Cartoon HD app one of a kind app which provides FREE streaming for a making range of cartoons, movies, television shows. You can watch your favorite TELEVISION shows from Dragon Ball Z to Game of Thrones through it. This fun app provides entertainment to all ages and caters to all your moods. Cartoon HD App allows you to choose video quality settings between 360p and 720p & you can also opt to download & save your favorite videos offline so that you don’t get bored when you’re on the go and without the internet. Supreme quality and reliable on connection, Cartoon HD Apk download checks all the boxes on the list. All you have to do is Download this Apk file compatible for all Android devices which make you have entertainment in your hands, literally!

Cartoon Hd apk Download

Features of Cartoon HD Apk Original

  • FREE Cartoons/Movies/ Television Shows – Cartoon HD Apk has an unending selection of the finest and the most popular cartoons, Movies and Television Shows for you to choose from! Whatever be your favorite genre, Cartoon HD Apk takes care of everyone’s choices.
  • UNINTERRUPTED Streaming – Quality of content is matched by the quality of streaming Cartoon HD Apk offers. You will never get a chance to complain about the videos buffering and interrupting your visual experience.
  • CHOOSE your video quality – You can choose your video quality settings as per your comfort between 360p and 720p.
  • OFFLINE entertainment – When you have Wi-Fi, make sure you download your favorite shows and movies because Cartoon HD Apk lets you watch your downloaded content offline, so you take your entertainment wherever you go.
  • UPDATED & Fresh Content – Being a popular app committed to satisfying it’s consumers, Cartoon HD Apk updates its contents regularly and has fresh material that keeps adding to its huge collection.
  • SMART Features – Watching a movie on your phone and you receive a call? No problem. Cartoon HD Apk will pause the streaming, so you don’t miss out a single second, a single dialogue!
  • COMPATIBLE with other video players – Don’t forget to use the unique feature called ‘custom’ option which allows you to choose your favorite video players like VLC or MX Player. With the custom option, you can even push the video to your television or Xbox!

How to Download Cartoon HD Apk

In Android there are two ways to download an app – the first way is to download and install through Google Play Store, and the alternative is to download an application directly from a source. Since Cartoon HD Apk is regrettably not available on Google Play Store, below are the instructions on how to install it directly from the source.

Step 1: First Download the Cartoon HD APK from the download link we have provided below.

Cartoon HD APK 3.0.3

Step 2: After downloading the file, open the file.

Step 3: Now make sure that you have enabled “Unknown Sources”. Otherwise, it will ask you to enable unknown sources.

If you have not enabled Unknown Sources then go to SettingsSecurity Tick on Unknown Sources → Now Click on okay Button to activate it.

To further assist you with the downloading process and to better understand the Cartoon HD App, here is a link.

How to use Cartoon HD Apk

To use Cartoon HD Apk, open the Cartoon HD icon on your Android device and a screen with an icon of the most post popular content appears right before you.  There are three options available on the top bar –

1. Search: If you have a particular movie or show in mind for what you wish to watch then use the search icon, i.e., the second icon from the top right.

2. Filter: In case you want to explore the content in a particular genre, let’s say ‘action’ then you can click on the filter icon, i.e., the first icon on top right to sort by –IMDB, Popular, Name, Updates, Year or choose between twenty-three Genres that range from Action to Short.

3. Menu: On the top left you will find three horizontal gray lines, clicking on this lets you choose between Movies, Television Shows, Updates, Collections, Favourites, Downloads, and Settings.

In ‘Movies’ and ‘Television Shows’ tabs, you will only be able to view movies or television shows respectively.

In ‘Updates’ you will find the latest movies and television shows added on the Cartoon HD app.

In ‘Collection’ you will able to choose between different options such as IMDB top 250, 3D Movies, Marble Collections, Anime, James Bond Collection, etc.

In ‘Favourites’ you will be able to see the the movies and television shows you added as your favorite and in ‘Downloads’ you will be able to view your movies and television shows that you have downloaded or saved offline.

In ‘Settings’ you can request movies and enable or disable kids mode.

Final Words on Cartoon HD

And you’re done! The only thing to do now is to enjoy the Cartoon HD app and take in all the cinematic experiences you can. For more fun, you can connect your Android device to your television and enjoy with a group of friends or your family. Be at ease with the filters that let you pick out the movies that best suit your liking from an array of genres and an ocean of exciting content! Keep checking the app for we offer you off the rack, fresh, latest and updated movies with continuous streaming for absolutely no cost at all.

We hope you enjoy the experience we have created for you. Also, check out Geek Peak Software



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