Why Moto G7 Might be the Best Budget Smartphone?


Moto G7 has recently been launched by Motorola, and our expectations are once again blown away. The device is much more eye-catching than all its predecessors, comes with much better hardware, but still manages to keep its price in the budget range.

But if you’re still not convinced about why is it a great budget smartphone, or whether you should buy it or not, we’re going to help you out. Here we’re going to share with you 5 reasons why Moto G7 is arguably the best budget smartphone right now.

Why Should You Buy Newly Launched Moto G7?

A little side note before we go through these reasons. The Moto G7 is on sale through BestBuy as well as Google Fi and that brings down the price of this device to be $50 cheaper.

Thanks to AndroidBlogg, for letting us know about this awesome deal.

1. Great camera

If you’ve already taken a look on the specs sheet of Moto G7 then you may already know that it comes with a 12mp+5mp dual-lens primary camera. On the front side, there’s an 8mp selfie shooter with screen flash functionality.

Now, if you’ve seen Moto G6 then you’ll know that this is the same camera setup that was present in that device, but that’s not a problem because even G6 had industry-leading camera setup in its price range. In fact, the camera has been made a little better than that of its predecessor by some software changes.

For instance, the HDR mode of Moto G7 is far better than that of G6, and low-light photography also works a bit better on this device than it works on G6.

The camera of the Moto G7 is also being powered by AI. For example, the camera will automatically capture a photo when everyone in the photo is smiling. This is specifically useful in group selfies.

There’s this another feature called cinema-graph which keeps a portion of your video’s shot in motion while freezing everything else. The camera is also capable of recording time-lapse videos at 4x, 8x, 16x and 32x speeds.

There’s no doubt when we say this – Moto G7 has got arguably the best camera in $300 – $400 price range.

2. Advanced water-repellent design

Moto G7 with water repellent technology

While it’s not water-proof, the advanced water-repellent design of Moto G7 helps in protecting it from moisture. What it means is that the device is well-equipped to protect itself from accidental spills, sweat, and light rain. So, while you can’t get complete water-proof designs from any phone in its price range, this one provides at least some protection from liquids.

Won’t you want to have it?

3. Headphone jack

At a time when majority of smartphone-makers are running behind USB-C type earphone jacks, Motorola has made the bold move by sticking with old, good 3.5 mm headphone jack in its latest budget smartphones. You can easily use all your earphones and headphones with this device, which is yet another thing in its favour.

4. Great design

Lastly, the design of Moto G7 is very stylish. Its glossy front and rear side gives it a very premium look and feel. On the front, you get a 6.2-inches large Max Vision display, which has got Full HD+ resolution to further improve the overall looks of the device with a tiny notch for the front-facing shooter.

The V-shaped notch with curved edges looks more pleasant to eyes than other rectangular and circular notches because it provides much more screen real estate. On the rear side, there’s a plain glass back which feels very polished and joins the metal edges.

Overall, it’s a more premium design than you can actually expect to get at this price.

5. Performance Power

Moto G7 comes with the latest generation Qualcomm 632 chipset and 4 gigabytes of RAM. As you can imagine, it’s a combination made to perform. And as expected, it performs very well.

The processor really shines out as it is an octa-core processor and expected to give 50% more performance boost compared to the last generation chip. It can run all apps and games that you may want to run on it, though for some very resource-hungry games you may have to wait for a second longer on some touches.

For a majority of your day-to-day usage and multitasking, you won’t face any issues.

6. All Day Battery and Turbocharge

Moto G7 smartphone with turbo charging featureAlthough this would seem unimportant to some, an all-day battery life is life saver. The phone has 3000 mAh battery power and with the full HD display resolution, it should be able to give you a full day battery. The turbocharge capability is icing on the cake.

The phone can get 9 hours of power within 15 minutes of charging. This of course is considering that you’ll use it conservatively and during dire situations. The phone comes up with a 15W charger and turbocharging does really help

Final Thoughts,

As you can see, Moto G7 scores major plus points in all important areas. Camera, design, display, and performance – all are great! Plus, it has got a headphone jack and a little water resistance. All these things are much more than what you can expect from any budget phone, which is the reason why Moto G7 is an awesome budget smartphone.

If you were considering to purchase it, you can do so without having any second thoughts. The phone easily ticks all the boxes such as ease of use, camera performance, battery performance and it being a value for money. Not a lot of phones offer such a great combination.

Motorola also has a generous policy when it comes to rooting and unlocking the phone. So, if one day, you decide to do so, you’ll find custom ROMs and tutorials fairly easily.


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