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Snaptube Apk Download For Android

Snaptube Apk Download

Snaptube Apk Download – Hello Friends and welcome to our post in which we have mainly focused on providing the links to download snaptube app for Android for free. In the world where we live, surrounded by some applications which allow us to perform different functions right on our smartphone or tablet.

Snaptube Apk Download

Snaptube Apk Download

Snaptube is also one such android app which enables its users to stream through millions of videos and also provides an option to download the videos so that we can watch them even without an internet connection. So below we have given some information about Snaptube apk and also provided links so that you can easily download snaptube apk for your smartphone or tablet.

You can also download vidmate app

About SnapTube App

As we have stated earlier snaptube is a simple and useful Android app for those who love watching videos online. With snaptube installed on your phone, you can’t only stream videos, but you can also download your favorite videos so that you can watch them even when you are offline.

Snaptube is one most popular application which loved by millions of users across the world, but unfortunately, this app isn’t available on Google playstore due to which it becomes difficult for many people to use it. Hence we have provided snaptube apk file along with the links below in this post through which you can easily download snaptube app for Android and start using its interactive features.

Snaptube app is for every video addict around the world who loves watching videos and TV shows online. This app comes with a simple and a friendly user interface which makes it easy to separate your favorite videos among millions of available videos.

Snaptube categorizes all the videos according to their genre which makes it easy to find and stream a particular video. Thus, snaptube is an app which can fulfill all your video watching desires.

Snaptube Video Downloader is a one-stop solution to download videos and audios directly on your device with the help of Snaptube app. We all know, YouTube is the most popular site for watching videos, but there is a drawback of using YouTube as it doesn’t let you download videos along with watching them on our PC or smartphone.

Due to which it becomes impossible for us to watch our favorite videos when we are not connected to internet. This situation becomes worse when we are traveling somewhere outside where there is no available internet source. This is the case where snaptube comes to rescue, as already discussed above snaptube allows its users to watch and download the videos of their choice

Features of Snaptube App

Snaptube app offers a no. of features to its users. some of them are –

  • Snaptube lets you stream videos from a huge collection of videos available on this app.
  • Its provides an option of downloading videos of your choice with a single click.
  • The app comes with a simple and a friendly user interface which is enough to attract users towards it.
  • It automatically categorizes videos based on the genre due to which it becomes quite easy to find or stream a particular video.
  • Snaptube doesn’t annoy its users, as it comes with no advertisement which makes this app amazing.
  • Along with no advertisement policy, It also doesn’t trouble you with popups.
  • Snaptube also lets you stream videos with the desired quality so that you won’t suffer any problem even in a slow internet connection.
  • Snaptube is fast, straightforward and easy to use when its comes to streaming your desired videos.

Download SnapTube Apk for Android

As we have already mentioned above that snaptube is an Android application, but its is not available on play store due to some reasons. Therefore the user needs to download it as an apk file from external sources. Below we have given a link to download snaptube apk file.

Click here to download Snaptube Apk

Steps to Install Snaptube App on Android

  • First, you will need to have snaptube APK file on your phone to install snaptube in it. So to download snaptube apk just click on the above link and the downloading will start automatically.
  • Once the download gets completed, just double click on the downloaded file and follows the steps to install snaptube on your phone.
  • After finishing the installation process, all you need to do is open the app and start enjoying videos of your choice. Remember you can download them too and that too with a single click.

How To Download Videos from Snaptube

Snaptube is a great app to watch videos of your choice and to download them. It has a huge collection of videos from various categories like Sports, Bollywood, Hollywood, etc. Along with streaming videos, it also allows you to download them easily on your Android smartphone. Every Snaptube user can use this feature to download videos of their choice belonging to different categories. It provides you high downloading speed and better interface.

Steps to Download Videos from Snaptube:

  • In order to download a video from Snaptube, you will first have to search that video in the search tool of Snaptube app. For that just type the name of the video in the search box and find the video in the search results.
  • After searching the video of your choice in the search tool. You will need to click on the video and it will start streaming.
  • As the video continues streaming in the app, you will see a download option at the bottom of the snaptube app. Now to download the video, just click on that option and the downloading will start automatically.

Once the download is complete, all you need to do is click on the video and enjoy it whenever and wherever you want.

SnapTube App Alternatives

There are numerous apps available in playstore which are quite similar to snaptube. Just like snaptube, these applications also let you download videos directly to your device. But, snaptube has some amazing features which differ from other apps available in the market. So below we have given a proper description about the apps which are similar to snaptube along with their features.


TubeMate app is an android application which is used by millions of people for downloading YouTube videos directly to their devices so that they can enjoy them anywhere they want. TubeMate is really easy to use and understand. While using TubeMate you just need to search a video in the search box and click the next button. For downloading that video, you just need to select the preferred quality of video and click on the download button. The downloaded videos will be saved to the SD card of your device by default but you can move that video anywhere you want.


YTD is also an application which allows you to download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Google video and many other sites. It can also be used as a video converter with which you can easily convert videos in various formats. YouTube downloader lets you download videos of your choice from home, office etc with the help of an internet connection.


KeepVid is another Android app through which we can easily save videos to our SD card and can watch them later even when we don’t have an internet connection or we are travelling somewhere. Thus it is a very helpful app for those who want to share videos among their friends.

Also Download Aptoide

Above we have given information about some apps which could be used as an alternative for snaptube. But a few features differ in snaptube from these apps and these features are :

  • With snaptube app, you can download videos from other websites along with Youtube.
  • Snaptube has an amazing feature which automatically categorizes videos according to their genre.
  • Snaptube has a unique and a simple user interface.

Snaptube App Review

Below we have share some review’s of snaptube:

  • Snaptube is an application which enables you to stream million of videos with a single click.
  • It allows you to download your favorite videos in MP3 (audio format) and well as in MP4 (video format).
  • With snaptube you can easily search videos by using suitable keywords, snaptube app allows you to stream videos in your desired video quality based on the speed of your internet connection.
  • Snaptube has a great feature that automatically categorizes videos according to there genre.
  • Snaptube also aware you about the latest and the popular videos thus making our work quite easy.
  • Manage all videos in a single place with the snaptube app.

In short snaptube have all the features of a good video streaming app and it is a great app to have in your smartphone. All the features we have mentioned in this post proves that snaptube is among the most useful and advantageous app in today’s generation.

Wrapping Up,

So this was our post about Snaptube app in which we have provided a complete guide to download Snaptube apk along with its features. Hope you liked this post but if you don’t then let us know in the comment section below and we will do something in this favor.

And if you somehow find out this post helpful then don’t forget to share it among your friends or on social media. Stay connected to Android Blender for more updates about many more helpful and amazing applications.


  • Thanks for providing the Snaptube apk download link. This app is one of the best when it comes to downloading videos from youtube and other sites. The best part is it is absolutely free for all and it’s user interface is very simple to use. I love this app and recommend everyone to download and use this app.

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