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How to Speed Up Your Browser

A browser is a computer program or a software program and it is created as a simplified means to explore content on the World Wide Web. This process helps you browse the internet. Now that’s a little equivocal. On the internet, the files we need are searching are stored on a server somewhere.

The browser is a software program that assists us to access those files using its browser. It projects and formats in a way that can easily understand. The browser will ‘read’ the code what they programmed and then translate it into the page which you are looking for.

Sometimes this browser won’t work properly because of some issues there are some Best tips to speed up your browser, by following these steps you can avoid issues.

Types of Browsers

There are seven different web browsers available in the online platform. But Google Chrome & UC Mini Browser are considered as most used browsers. A large number of people use these browsers. Different web browsers are Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Apple Safari and UC Mini.

When it comes to mobility, UC browser works phenomenally. If you want to try it out, you can download it from

Effective Tips to Speed Up Your Browser

Internet users across the world are increasing at a high level, people nowadays got addicted to internet. The total internet users all over the world are about more than 3.5 Billion. Which means it is more than half of the world population. In 3.5 Billion users, most of the people are intentionally using Google Chrome browser to browse the internet. As we use the browser for a long time it automatically slows down sometimes. Hereby we will give you best tips to everyone hates it when our browser becomes very slow. Follow these simple and easy steps to increase the speed of your browser and you can access your web faster.

1. Remove Unwanted Extensions to Speed Up Your Browser

Just as too many unwanted applications will surely slow down your browser as well as your computer. Too many extensions and plug-ins can slow down your browser. Extensions are defined as a small software programs that can be modified and enhanced the functions of your browser. Always we need an extra help to access the web more easily.

Most of the browsers often use extensions like Add Block to block the advertisements on the sites they use a visit. When we use a large number of extensions, what happen is they easily slow down your memory and makes your browser to work slowly. When you use the browser for long time it is advisable to disable all the extensions. It definitely speeds up your browser.

2.  Close Unused Tabs

Most of the people open multiple tabs to read a post and many other posts which are related to it. These tabs made a lot of loss to your browser and make it slow. Avoid using so many browsers at one time and try to close the tabs which you don’t want to use. It is the Best tip to speed up your browser.

3.  Clear out cache

When we search some content on the web, the browser stores some of the file’s bits in the disk, called cache. It helps in speeding up the browsing; where some of the stored bits are already present in the disk but when we search for the new content the newly limited bits are alone taken from the web. So this helps to speed up the browsing time rather than slowing down it.

But the cache must be cleared out on a regular basis, and start from the new one. Because it may cause bug or glitch occasionally that leads to reducing the browsing speed. To maintain the browsing speed at a high level, the cache must be cleaned every few months. Later, it again stores some of the bits and comes back to normal speed.

4. By using a CDN

CDN, Content Delivery Network helps to deliver the content more efficiently to the users across different and multiple locations. It helps in connecting different parts of the server together and reserves multiple domains. It minimizes or eliminates the servers that are redirected without any content which helps in increasing the speed of the browser.

5. Optimization of Images

Images are always large in size which slows down the speed. Images contain more number of content bandwidth which has to be scaled up properly. This huge bandwidth reduces the speed of the browser. Another way is to compress the Images. By following these two ways, we can improve the speed of the browser.

6. Compressing the files

Compressing the files and Images makes the browser to run the browser quickly. When the pages are too small, the pages will load faster. The uncompressed files will take more time to load.

7.  External Hosting Platforms Can Be Used

Video files may consume large number of data. By hosting those videos on third parties like YouTube, Vimeo, etc. those services increases the loading time and saves more space because even a small video file can quickly exceed the limit.

8. Uninstalling the Toolbar

Number of Toolbars can integrate together and affect the functions of the toolbar by reducing its speed. Each and Every Toolbar has its own features, specifications like music players, emoticons, etc. which has section function to perform. As they require some more data than the normal one, it takes some additional time and requirements which reduces the speed. By uninstalling the Toolbars, we can easily increase the speed of the browser.

Final words

Generally, most of the users of browsers might feel annoyed of using it when they face the issues like slow loading or other issues. At this condition, the above mentioned best tips will help the user to boost up the browser when it comes to best performance.

All the above-given tips will relieve your stress of using a browser and leads to smooth handling on their device. Before getting into the browser, all you just need to follow the tips for better performance.

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